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Established two years ago, NYANGA SCULPTURAL ART has gone from strength to strength. Based in Ringwood, England, we provide the opportunity to view and purchase SHONA sculptures. 


We have sculptures available from both 2nd and 3rd Generation SHONA artists.

The sculptures are acquired from various regions throughout Zimbabwe. The stone used varies from region to region, depending on which one is indigenous to that particular area.

We are keen to support these artists, not only by selling their work but also in helping create a better understanding of the sheer talent and amount of effort that goes into each masterpiece. In turn, by supporting each individual, the wider communities in which these artists live, also benefit. We also lend additional support by providing equipment to help improve productivity.

By displaying the work of these sculptors, we aim to gain a greater appreciation for the remarkable creativity of these fantastically talented artists. Now, with our on-line initiative, we will be able to offer these beautiful pieces to a wider audience.

visit our bournemouth showroom


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