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Sylvester Samanyanga

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Born 27th June 1986 in Chinhoyi and educated in Banket. Sylvester learned to model with mud at an early age, being influenced by his father, Kennedy Samanyanga, who was also a Shona sculptor. As a young boy he would assist his father at weekends and during school holidays, sanding and polishing sculptures. 

  " Most of his pieces were abstract, so it was natural that I should continue in that tradition."

At the age of 14, Sylvester started an apprenticeship with Kudzanai Dambaza. He fell in love with his tutor's daughter and married Patience Dambaza. They now have a son and a daughter.

Having gained his O-levels, Sylvester decided to pursue a career in sculpture rather than continue studies. With the continuing guidance of Kudzanai, he sculpted smaller pieces in Serpentine and Springstone.

Today, Sylvester's work goes from strength to strength, creating the most beautiful abstract pieces. His favourite stone is Serpentine, known for it's varying colours and he fashions each piece to the most stunning effect, emphasising the natural colours within each piece.

We feel so privileged to be able to offer Sylvester's creations for sale and we carry a continuing supply of his wonderful sculptures at any given time.


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